Residual Current Circuit Breaker


Yueqing CONFLY International Co. Ltd. is a reliable and secure (RCD) Residual Current Device manufacturers. We are devoted in preventing and protecting the equipments from electrical shocks during over-current conditions. Our integrated RCDs continuously monitor the flow of current to prevent risk of electrocution and flow of electric charge in wrong directions. Residual-current devices are installed for minimizing the risks of electric shocks to an individual having physical contact with either naked wiring or holding the sensitive electrical equipments. The applications of RCDs can be seen both in mobile and stationary electrical equipments as it might be your regular iron or garden lawnmower.

Why Residual Current Devices Are Necessary For Personal Safety

The main purpose of installing RCDs in residential and a workplace environment is to minimize the risk of fires caused by tripping of circuits due to over-current. In such types of situations, RCDs are safest solution to maximize personal safety and avoid casualties by predetermining the leakage or surge of electricity at harmful levels. Modern workplace safety regulations require installation of quality RCD components to avoid any mishap caused by uncontrollable environmental factors. These factors include overexposure of electrical equipments to heat, moisture, or any mechanical damage that can be caused due to high temperatures, corrosion or damage caused by any external force. Quality of component is another important factor when it comes to safety of both device and individual; in this case make sure to buy your products only from certified manufacturers of residual current device. We are also recognized as an authentic motor start circuit breakers suppliers who have completely tested, and designed electrical motors circuit breakers in stock.

What Causes Residual Current Devices to Trip

In usual conditions, the accidental breakdown of both tough and sensitive electrical devices has 3 fundamental reasons that cause high-voltage electrical accidents.

1. The device or equipment might be manufactured with poor quality components.
2. The electrical device might have reached its depreciation value and ran out of expected life span.
3. The electrical equipment might have got damaged due to regular utilization.

In most of the cases, the environmental factors also play an important role in deteriorating the life of electrical devices which cause equipments to face wear, tear or any sort of damage caused by environmental factors. In order to avoid risky electrical shocks caused by such components, it has become compulsory to install RCDs to trip such devices if current reaches harmful levels. Only genuine manufacturers of residual current device provide RCDs with built-in test buttons so you can ensure the performance of your product in everyday applications.

Limitations Of RCD And Necessary Precautions

RCDs also have limitations when it comes to detecting over-load conditions and avoiding electrical shocks. These devices alone cannot detect the imbalance of surge current as some RCDs also require power supply to activate the tripping circuit. In case of power supply failure, only circuit breakers allow the neutral wires to switch off, if and only if the live wire is also switched off at the same time. This mechanism allows both RCDs and circuit breakers to trip circuit even when the supply of neutral is absent. CONFLY International is not just residual current device manufacturers.

Our company manufactures its products in compliance with industrially certified and internationally accredited quality management systems. Our company has recognition of ISO 9001:2008 which substantiates our responsibility to deliver best in quality electrical solutions to value safety and investments of our valued customers. We are industry leading residual circuit breaker manufacturers and we have been delivering excellent services and quality products at most economical, affordable and market competitive prices since 15 years.

Below are some key points why you must buy RCDs from CONFLY International.

- Provide better protection than common fuses and circuit breakers.
- Automatically switches off device during faulty surge currents.
- Measures the flow of over-current and trips within milliseconds.
- Avoid damages and increases life span of electrical equipments.