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Company Introduction

Leading Motor Start Circuit Breakers Suppliers From China - Yueqing Confly


Yueqing CONFLY International Co., Ltd is one of largest circuit breakers suppliers dealing in high-quality motor start circuit breakers, residual current device (RCD) and motor protection circuit breaker in China. We are among top-notch electrical breakers company located in Yueqing China engaged in exporting trade of electric apparatus and equipments since past 15 years. Our company is partnered with recognized overseas clients to accelerate and engage in business growth and production development of low voltage electric products in China. CONFLY international Co., Ltd is the market leading integrated circuit breaker company in China., founded and backed by nation's largest and competitive team of low voltage electric equipment experts recognized in the electricity industry platform. We aim to pioneers the technology by developing smarter choices for modern electricity safety equipments for residential and commercial projects in more than 15 global markets across the globe.


Our company operates around a systematic and organized chain of production, marketing, and distribution networks. Our industrial operations start with a production facility spread over 3 main joint venture factories manufacturing high-quality motor start circuit breakers under supervision of industrially certified technological experts. Our marketing sector and distribution network work in close collaboration to fulfill the ever-growing needs and offer superior service to our worldwide customers. Our company makes continues investment in R&D facility, production equipments and testing facility to improve the quality of our breakers. For over 15 years, our company has been awarded with recognition of certified supplier of circuit breakers for having China’s excellent team of technical experts devoted in streamlining the product research in complaisance with market requirements to satisfy the safety needs of our customers.


Our company makes continuous investments in research and development to improve the integrated technology of our production facility and output products. We aim to pioneer the modern production practices to improve safety, quality and consistency of our motor start circuit breakers to increase their electrical mechanical life. Our manufacturing plants are backed by team of certified and qualified professionals that accelerate our production operations within the most cutting-edge facility in China. Our team of safety experts and quality assurance is recognized among the leading workforce that verifies and certifies the reliability of our products to be utilized in both, commercial, private and industrial applications. At CONFLY international manufacturing facility, we practice the highest-levels of diversification to adopt, develop, and improve the efficiency and life expectancy of our products. We are aimed in sustaining our position to supply top quality circuit breakers to our customer to provide competitive advantage.


Our company has years of experience in manufacturing high-class motor protection breakers that ensure overload protection of motors from both thermal and electronic surges. Their modern safety mechanism allows and prevents any damage to electrical wiring through exceeding temperatures and over-current condition. We assemble our motor circuit breakers with integrated technology to interrupt dangerous faults and fluctuations in electrical currents to reduce damage to valuable electrical equipments installed in any premises. We are supplying industrially specialized breakers, and our motor start circuit breakers work within internal mechanism thermal-magnetic and electrical protection system that allows our circuits to instantly trip and expand in response to high voltage electrical currents and rising temperatures.


Our company takes privilege in providing highest in quality customer service experience to our valued customers. Our company has always aimed in fulfilling the perceived expectations of its clientele with excellent quality service backed by highly competitive prices and offers tailored to suit their needs. Our quality of customer service is backed by excellent export & import logistics with efficient marketing, distributing and outsourcing team. We not only deliver value for investment products but the quality of customer service has lead our company to win a high admiration and trust between our clients for over past 15 years. Being industrially certified Motor Start Circuit Breakers suppliers, we deem to effectively deliver most appropriate and suitable electrical safety solutions to wide range of projects across the world.


CONFLY international is leading supplier and distributor of motor start circuit breakers in more than 15 global markets covering major areas of export including Europe, Middle East, South America, South East Asia, and regions like South Africa. Considering major countries of export, our company has successfully gained trust of our clientele by delivering modern and streamlined solutions. Continuing a successful business record in circuit breaker industry, our company has supplied first class circuit breaker shipments in countries like China (CN), United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Germany (DE), Japan (JP), Netherlands (NL), France (FR), Korea (KR), Italy (IT), Hong Kong (HK), Russia (RU), Canada (CA), Belgium (BE), Singapore (SG), Mexico (MX), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Spain (ES), Philippines (PH) and India (IN). Honesty, first-class quality and civilized transaction has always been the foundation of our business culture that has helped us sustain our harmonious development in such a diverse and cooperative industrial sector across the world.